Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Mike Robb (who?) has got a blog

The Labour mannie has a blog. Here he is in Nairn last summer, standing by the the Post Box at the Courthouse. Perhaps as an iconic feature to illustrate Labour Policy he should have gone down and stood outside the former Harbour Street Post Office. A post office that was dealt the death blow by the Labour Government!

According to Mr Robb's blog he has a facebook account - I wonder how long it will be before he will find his way along to the Save Nairn Swimming Pool facebook pages to give us all his views on the subject? Nothing to stop you Mr Robb if you know how important an issue the Swimming Pool is to everyone in Nairnshire.
Read Mr Robb's blog here. Perhaps the Gurn will e-mail him to ask him about the pool, perhaps not, it's getting late after all.
Thanks to an avid gurnite General Election researcher out there for the info about the Labour blog.

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marginal said...

Robb who? His blog does say it is his personal views which is just as well as if a whip saw some of them he might be in trouble

The problem for me in supporting Mr Robb (who?) is that whilst his personal views might be all well and good he is going to have to toe the party line if elected.

From his blog it doesn't seem as though he made much of an impression on Nairnites, and his support for our postal services hasn't come to much (probably just the opposite)

Labour (New) are stating that our constituency is a key seat for them to win

I reckon Mike might come third if he's lucky. Davey Stewart put a lot of groundwork into his election attempts, I have yet to see Mr Robb (who?) do the same and theres not many days left till an x marks the spot as it were