Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What an agenda - what a night! The Swimming Pool element (part 1)

The Swimming Pool element of the evening’s Ward Forum proceedings began with a question from the Nairn Synchronised Swimming Club. They asked if if the Highland Council had considered that there were two thriving national competitive clubs whose existence would be threatened if the Pool was closed.

Provost Liz replied: ‘I think I will ask the Convenor to answer the question as it was the administration that put forward the budget consultation and I was actually opposed to it at Highland Council.’

And so it was left to Sandy to do the honours for the regime. He began by apologising to the youngsters present for having to sit through the meeting up to that point, ‘ the massive debate’ as he put it. He said how he had been so impressed on Sunday by the Syncro Club. It emerged the he and Laurie had taken up an invitation to see the club performing. ‘It really meant a lot to me,’ said the Convenor of Highland Council. Sandy felt it had been a constructive meeting with the club on Sunday, he went on to explain how he had to attend another 15 ward forum meetings over the next 2 to 3 weeks, finishing up in Nairn on the 30th of June which he said would be an opportunity to quiz the Chief Executive, the Budget Leader and the Director of Finance. He admitted that there were tremendous problems with the budget. He explained that Nairn Swimming was put on (the list) was because of a criteria of distances going from one pool to another. He said that the youngsters turning up here tonight meant a lot. He urged the members of the public present to keep the letters coming as that was very important, he explained how they were compiling a portfolio of all the letters coming forward. Sandy then said that he would be informing the Chief Executive first thing in the morning of the evening’s attendance. He told everyone, ’I am, as Convenor, very aware of the situation in Nairn. We will be back here on the 30th of June to finalise the consultation.’

There was an immediate response from a member of the public (sorry madam forgotten your name). This lady wanted to know why Nairn wasn’t getting (in the budget) what Inverness was getting. She though Nairn was getting less and less and wanted to know why the Chief Executive couldn’t take a cut in pay and give it to the swimming Pool. ‘He gets more than the First Minister,’ she proclaimed.

‘That’s a very good question,’ replied Sandy Park. Obviously demands emerging that the Glenurquhart Road mandarins take a big hit are getting through to oor Sandy!

The floor was still with the first contributor however and she went on to describe how Nairn’s pool was a lot better and cleaner than the Aquadome and how people came from Inverness and Forres to swim here. ‘And from Elgin too,’ came an additional comment from the public benches. Continuing the first contributor asked where kids would go. ‘It’s a holiday town as well,’ she said.’ Putting a bridge over Nairn and forgetting about it. Taking Nairn off the map. Putting it all in the bin.’ She looked around the room and asked: ‘Is everyone in agreence with me?’

The applause was self-explanatory.

More from the Ward Forum Swimming Pool debate soon.


Burger flipper said...

If the dynamic duo of Sandy and Laurie want to visit Nairn library anytime I think they will be impressed by the sequential page turning of library users
Folk also trawl up and down the shelves desperately looking for that elusive volume that they've not read before (due to years of lack of investment in library services)
Computer users click (quietly please) with their mice and surf the net, maybe even reading this, who knows

Are we genuinely supposed to believe that councillors who have been in post for many a year have not visited all facilities in Nairn before?

I'm glad Sandy & Laurie enjoyed their pool trip, perhaps Gurnites could suggest a few other places for them to visit to discuss the Highland Council cuts

How about we start with the folk who cut the grass on our public green spaces who are facing the chop, I'm sure they'd love to have a word with our local heroes

Jane Harkiss said...

Well said BG!!! They wany to have a word with themselves too first, eh?!