Friday, April 09, 2010

Westlife for Cawdor Castle in August

'The Irish boy band Westlife are to play a concert at Cawdor Castle near Inverness.
The event on Saturday 28 August will be the first concert ever to be held at the historic castle.'

note: Westlife fans looking for accommodation in Nairn try this one-stop site:


Eastdeath said...

So the Highlands manages to attract yet another 2nd rate band, are we becoming a retirement gig? (Elton John, Rod Stewart, Status Quo etc)

The closest real bands come to us is still Aberdeen or Glasgow.

With the increase in interest in live music in the Highlands how about some half decent acts rather than has beens?

RockNess shows people are prepared to travel to us

Petunia the Groupie said...

better to be a Has Been than a Never Been.

E.Maree said...

Eastdeath - we do get the occasional band visiting while they're topping the charts, but there's a odd sort of monopoly over Ironworks tickets that means as soon as a gig is announced, the tickets are already off to a select few and up on Ebay.

If we do get bigger bands here, I'd like a venue that can handle them. Maybe the Ironworks just isn't big enough? Eden Court seems to have a reasonable period before even huge events sell out, but they're not designed as a gig venue and their prices can be steep.

Anonymous said...

You can hardly say they are 2nd rate jus cos you don't like them,unlike the others mentioned they are still at the top of their game.They are not really my cup of tea but i have gone with the wife to see them and going again in May and they do put on a good show.

I am more a metal fan myself and do travel to Glasgow a fair bit, Aberdeen has gone down hill at attracting major acts over the last few years.

Eastdeath said...

"You can hardly say they are 2nd rate jus cos you don't like them"

I didn't say I didn't like them, just that they are 2nd rate

Despite getting a rebuild the Eden Court Theatre is still the same size as it was, so bands either don't come or the few that do are sooo expensive due to limited seating

And yes anything worth seeing at Ironworks sells out before you've heard about it

Open air venues are a good idea and potentially we could see some good bands play up here, this was my original plea!

Anonymous said...

If you are a fan tickets for this gig are on sale now at ticketmaster for £8

Seems a bit of a bargain as at the SECC tickets for their show are £38

Should pull in a few tourists?

Anonymous said...

Well, the band maybe looking for somewhere to retire: why should we discriminate? Let them come and have a look around; they may want to take their pick of some of the hundreds and hundreds of new properties to be built (at Auldearn, Sandown, West Nairn, South Nairn, Whiteness, Ardersier, Cawdor Village, Croy Village, Tornagrain, Culloden Moor or East Inverness) for themselves and their entourage.

Graisg said...

I think we should welcome all bands and all their fans, the more that come the more hotels and B&B's pubs, restaurants and other outlets get a spin-off.
Didn't read it thoroughly but it seems Cawdor now have a five-year deal with promoters to bring bands to the Castle.

Jimmy MacHendrix said...

Might even encourage promotors to book some local bands so we don't have to head down the A9 to get gigs!