Sunday, April 18, 2010

So where did Highland Council go so wrong with money?

A bewildered Gurnite has been reading the BBC website and sees that the Borders Council is actually investing money in the area's infrastructure. Our correspondent asks, 'where did Highland Council go so wrong with money?'

'Scottish Borders Council is to consider a spending review which could see £17m invested in projects across the region.
A new bus station in Galashiels, roads schemes and increased school capacity are included in the plans.
A meeting next week will consider the investment proposals which would take place over the next four years.
Council leader David Parker said the projects would "significantly boost" the Borders economy and have a major impact on services.
"The council's administration has carried out the most comprehensive review of our capital funding for some time," he said.'

Perhaps that isn't the whole story however, perhaps one or two swimming pools are to be closed to pay for the new investments? More details on the BBC's website.

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Nairn said...

Here are some figures to chew over

in terms of monies our council has to play with (or not)