Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Nairnshire - Are they finally flitting?

Newsbleat recently reported that the Nairnshire Telegraph would be flitting to the old Bridal Shop in Cawdor Street. This news has actually been rumour in the town for over 18 months now but it looks as though Newsbleat was right, the move is now apparently imminent.


Helvetica said...

Good to see they haven't gone to colour with the move

Anonymous said...

I'll miss the old building

I once made the mistake of asking if I could use the toilet and was presented with a bucket of water to flush it with

There must be a book and a half of stories awaiting publication, I sincerely hope that one day they will appear

The Nairnshire Telegraph offices are a piece of Nairnshire history which deserve to be remembered

I wonder if they've taken the bucket with them?

Anonymous said...

Lost in time.We shall never hear this phrase again.?

"No The Post's No Past Yet".

Anonymous said...

I thought the idea was that the new offices are only a temporary move , while the Dickesian suite is overhauled.

Anonymous said...

i believe its only a temp move and the Nairnie will be back in their old premises by November.

distemper said...

If it is just a temporary move perhaps it's all that money that businesses are getting from the Streetscape initiative that is allowing the Nairnshire to paint the offices?

All it needs is a lick of white wash and a touch or red lead on the doorstep and it'll soon be good as new

Paper Boy said...

Where do you go for your Nairnie
on a Monday night when you cant wait to get all the latest news.

Old office/New office????

Oh by the way was The Gurn not invited to the official opening of
the new office.