Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tory support for Nairn Swimming Pool

Jim Ferguson the Conservative candidate has added his support to the 'Save Nairn Swimming Pool' campaign. This morning he posted the following message on Fiona's pages:

'I learnt to swim in Nairn Swimming pool and also my children. Its a well run pool and has a long history serving the people of Nairn. Not happy to see how this is going. One thing is certain Nairn swimming pool is a well loved and popular place and brings great enjoyment to not only the people of Nairn but the surrounding area. You can be certain that I will do anything to help keep it open.'

Any Gurnites wishing to contact the election candidates on the Nairn Swimming Pool issue can e-mail  them through this page on There are contact details for all of them apart from the Solidarity candidate.

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