Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Donnie MacLeod (Green Candidate) writes to the Gurn on A96 corridor issues and Nairn Swimming Pool

Hi Gurn from Nurn,

I have just found your website after someone told me about it and I think it is great. However, I have to take issue with you about your comment that it is good to see the Highland Greens eventually coming out objecting to the proposed developments. It is not my fault that the media often choose to ignore the vast amount of work that we, as simply volunteers rather than the paid representatives, carry out on behalf of the Highland people. With regard to the A96, the Greens have been at the forefront of the battle and if you look at the archive section of the Highland and Islands branch of the Scottish Greens you will find details of a meeting for Community councils arranged by us to 'consider the fundamental case against developing the A96 corridor. The date is 7th May 2009 and the heading is 'HOLD YOUR COUNCILLORS TO ACCOUNT - URGE THE GREENS'.
Then you can also find on the 17th November 2009 the article entitled
It is easy for the supposed paid representatives with time on their hands to swan around for photocalls where someone else is doing the work but rest assured the green movement is alive and kicking. I notice that there has been some comment about my position on the
proposed cutting of the local swimming pool. I will do all in my power to resist the closure of any swimming pool across the Highlands whether elected or not. We always do a lot of work on establishment consultations and you can see on our website our response to this proposals from the Lib-dem led council dated 28th March denouncing the Council's budget cuts consultation as a 'charade'. We condemn the 'proposal to axe soft services including facilities the community relies on like schools, libraries, and SWIMMING POOLS ------ whilst the budget for new roads is virtually untouched. Sorry for the gurn from urdersur but as you can see the ongoing activity is not simply because an election is pending as has been suggested on your site. Now I better go back to the lambing. The sheep need me!
Donnie Macleod


Graisg said...

Thanks for that Donnie, here in Nairn today the most important issue is the Swimming Pool - I'm sure the 1600 campaigners on the facebook group would appreciate a message from you or the Scottish Greens on their pages.

As to some of the other points you make, it simply isn't enough to put out press releases and hope that the media will take them up, a little bit more imagination is needed these days to get media attention. Of course we all as citizens have new tools available to us in this new digital age. Just pop along and see what 11 year old Fiona has accomplished with her Save Nairn Swimming Pool Group.
I personally believe that the Greens could have done more to build up a grass roots organisation whilst they had the luxury of a paid MSP during the period of the last Scottish Parliament.
The most newsworthy subject to perhaps come out of that period for Nairn was the Green MSP's support for a 'sustainable' community along Lochloy Road in the Culbin - how that would have been sustainable without everyone having a car was a bit hard to figure out really.

green greenie said...

Its good to see that we still have some Greens active in the Highlands.

There is little point however in them doing vast amounts of work on local issues if only a few party members get to know about this.

Perhaps the Gurn would be happy to publish all the Green press releases that didn't make it in the main stream media?

Good to see Donnie attempting to enter the Westminster fray

If you are now reading the Gurn could I ask if you're still anti GM? Just the Scottish Green party site says you are a 'GM foods activist '!


Brian @ MyNairn.com said...

Good post Donnie - good to see you active in the Highlands.

To follow on what Graisg said, writing a bit of text on your own website isn't enough - how many other websites have you joined in discussion with about the issue? And, how many local meetings have you attended about the A96 corridor plans?

Sincerely hope it's not the case that, with a major election coming up, you've suddenly realised that there's an online audience for local issues?

Green day said...

"Sincerely hope it's not the case that, with a major election coming up, you've suddenly realised that there's an online audience for local issues?"

Brian @ MyNairn.com (I appreciate the Gurn doesn't publish everything that is sent to it) but Donnie is the only prospective candidate who has taken the time and to contact his local blog, so at least he realises no matter how late in the day that there is an online audience

Perhaps others will follow his lead?