Saturday, April 24, 2010

Will the proposed cuts dent Danny's campaign?

'The SNP’s Bob Wynd, a councillor for 11 years, said he had never known such “chaos” in the authority’s handling of its finances and that he was overwhelmed by distressed constituents while visiting Barn Church lunch club in his Culloden and Ardersier ward on Thursday.

“The administration is creating chaos, it’s all over the place and this is not the way you do budget business,” he said.

“Everywhere I go people are concerned about libraries and swimming pools being closed. They’re asking what’s going to close? This administration is spreading fear and alarm throughout every community.”

So reports the Press & Journal this morning. We have suggested earlier that if enough momentum gets behind the opposition to the cuts or the much criticised consultation process that is proceeding them then it could potentially affect the Lib-Dem incumbents reelection. Will the fact that the Highland Council is run by a Lib-Dem coalition with Labour and other councillors encourage voters to punish Danny Alexander for the uncertainty that is abroad?

Full details of the P&J article here: Lib Dems accused of council budget chaos -
councillor says leaders spreading fear and alarm

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