Saturday, April 17, 2010

Situation at tipping-point?

The potential of a 20K fine doesn't seem to be working very well as a deterrent along at least one back road close to the town.


Anonymous said...

Why do these ejeets go to all the bother of hauling stuff out and dumping it when they could just as well take it to the dump (aka Recycling Centre.
What's the bet it would have been the same distance for them?

any old iron said...

Yes but what came first, the notice or the fridge?

At £15 a pop for an uplift by the council, a quick ride into the countryside is still a cheap bet

Not as though the threat of a fine has removed the dog fouling situation

We need citizen responsibility not fines

Anonymous said...

At least they took the door off.

Pie boys said...

Fridge didn't deserve that!