Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Nairn Swimming Pool Campaign photo-op turns into spontaneous protest meeting

Young protesters at the Pool this afternoon

Danny Alexander discusses the threat to Nairn Swimming Pool with Colin Mayberry.

Perviously we'd asked if Danny Alexander's campaign launch this afternoon in Inverness would mention Nairn swimming Pool. Well Danny, being an avid Facebook user and Gurn reader, had heard about the protest at the pool this afternoon and turned up to speak to campaigners. Effectively Nairn Swimming Pool has become an issue for the General Election candidates in this constituency and Danny Alexander's real campaigning began three hours ahead of the official launch in the Highland Captial. He came in for some tough questioning about the Lib Dem stance on the Council but he offered his support to the campaign and promised to do all he could to influence the powers that be. A full statement is expected later.

Lots of members of the public, one MP, plenty of debate but no local Councillors were present this afternoon. More pictures available on the Gurn flickr pages.


Gurn fan said...

I'm sure Nairnites would award muffin points to Danny for taking time to visit our swimming pool and be seen to support us. Shame he and all his colleagues saw fit to start their election campaign from Inverness, there are other places with voters!

Even larger muffin points to the Gurn for coverage of this event. We won't see any mention of this in any other Nairn news media until this time next week (if we're lucky)

Mal Function said...

Are the Lib Dems once again trying to back all sides in this debate? It's good that Danny Alexander has spoken up in support. But then look at Graham Marsden's less-than-enthusiastic comments reported in the local press. The key elected official in the Council (chair of the Budget Committee) is David Alston - and yes, he's a Lib Dem too.

If Danny Alexander delivers on his offer to support the campaign, he will deserve credit not just for reflecting local interests and concerns, but also for recognising when those around him are getting it wrong.

If he fails, he risks being labelled - like so many others - as just another an opportunist politician who simply jumps on any passing bandwagon for his own self-promotion.

Be warned, Danny - you're being watched!