Sunday, April 18, 2010

Firhall Bridge and the Househill steps ramp proposals

At Tuesday's meeting of the River Community Council a copy of a letter from Ward Manager Louise Clark was circulated. The later states:

'The Access Panel considered the report on the Firhall Bridge and came to the conclusion that the suggested refurbishment to the bridge would not make it wholly accessible. There was also concern about the report stating the footbridge would be 'manageable with care' for wheelchair uses. They considered an alternative suggestion of ramps near the Househill steps which would give a circular route via the Jubilee Bridge. We are currently looking inot it but no decision has been made on either site at this point of time.'

You will remember that the Gurn did ask where users of the ramp would go once they'd made use of this facility proposed for the Househill steps. We outlined the potential difficulties in this article.

Now it seems this ramp would give a 'circular route via the Jubilee Bridge'. Presumably a footpath would be laid along the single track road (very busy at rat run times) to ensure safety for users of this circular route and then perhaps some kind of pedestrian crossing to allow users to cross the busy A939. Here's MSP Dave Stewart talking about existing dangers in this area almost 3 years ago. Much of what he says is still relevant today. One wonders again why Highland Council employees came up with the idea for a ramp at Househill.


Anonymous said...

How many person use the access at Househill? better to improve the path that runs alongside the cemetery wall at the Boath Park
side on the Grantown Road which has
barriers which understandably are for the childrens safety but as they are so close together persons with invalidity buggies cant get past if you are a local at least you will know about this inconvenience but its very frustrating for visitors who often
take this route on their way back
to town only to find that due to
the small space between the barriers they cant get through & have to go all the way back.

Anonymous said...

The general area has seen an increase in walkers in recent times due to the opening of the Househill Farm shop/cafe

Time for a review of access, and as Mr Stewart suggested back then, look at speed restrictions as well