Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rock 4 Life - a one day festival only now

Bad news for Hospice fund-raising hopes. The Press and Journal quotes:

'But just 477 of the 20,000 tickets for the day two of the festival at Whiteness, near Nairn, were sold, forcing the cancellation of the entire day’s programme.
Pop acts McFly and the Sugababes and R&B singer Lemar had been due to top the bill at the event on May 2 at the former oil rig fabrication yard venue.'

More details on the Press and Journal site.


Anonymous said...

no surpise there. wrong time of year, location and artists.

Pop Pickers said...

Wonder what bands The Gurn Fans would have liked on the now cancelled Sunday slot????

Bonnie Rait Castle,
Tom Petty,
Steeley Dan [Inverness],
Madness with Graham Marsden on vocals,
Swansong [ex Hendrix] with Hey Joe Telfer,
Simply in The Red.

E.Maree said...

It was close to £100 for a weekend ticket, and aside from Quo the line-up was pretty poor. Not surprised, but glad Saturday is still going ahead.

Pop Pickers - Amy MacDonald would have been nice, and fitted the audience well.


Johnny no Cash.
MURD DUNBAR singing Bridge over troubled Waters,
THE GURNS sings Suspicious Minds,
JEAN TOLMIE as Lady Ga Ga,
SANDY PARK {Hey Big Spender],
Provost LIZ {Shaking All Over},
put these acts on stage i bet that would pull the punters in.

on a serious note its a shame the Highland Hospice will be deprived
on much needed funds.