Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nairn Swimming Pool - Another councillor plus international support

Some Gurnites might have seen a message on the 'Save the Pool' facebook group recently from Min Walker in New Zealand. Min told 1,644 fellow campaigners:
'Nairn Baths/Swimming Pool must stay. They used to be a major and unique tourist attraction. My late father talked about the benefits of the Baths many times and the refurbishment after the Canadians were billeted there. When I was growing up they were closed, so my generation missed out. Nairn gets little enough and cannot afford to lose any facility at a Councils whim. Regards from New Zealand, Min Walker nee Davidson'
This evening another Highland Councillor (Pauline Munro) has pledged her support. Here's a couple of other messages that have appeared this evening:

'Hi, as an inverness councillor (who will have a say in the final decision if it gets to a full council meeting) I am listening as are my colleagues, many of whom are already members of the facebook site. Totally behind your campaign and will not vote to close the centre down. I had a friend in Glasgow send me the link (I was already a member) your campaign has spread further than you think.'

'Yes, the campaign has spread as far as the south west of France too though I'm not a councillor! Still, as a Nairnite, albeit an ex-one (are we ever truly ex-?!!!), I say DON'T CLOSE THE POOL! Both my children learned to swim there and there's no doubt that as a seaside resort with a river close by, it's a lifesaving measure. Also a tourist plus out of season when the Moray Firth is inhospitable to bathers! For goodness sake, and for the sake of many others, keep the pool in Nairn open!!!'

'You've also reached the Republic of Ireland - although living here now, my children will spend the summer with their grandparents in Nairn and I hope they will still be able to come along and use the pool!!'

'I was going to say this goes much further than nairn, i got link from an american! No offence councillor Munro, but I think we should bombard anyone that has anything to do with decision making lol.'

The Facebook group is showing no sign at all of slowing down and membership numbers are still climbing.
Keep visiting the 'Save Nairn Swimming Pool' pages to keep up to date with the campaign.

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Front crawl said...

If Nairn swimming pool is to be subjected to a business case study I hope that Highland Council involve end users, for I'm sure we have an important contribution to make

Opening times are always an issue with many users wanting the centre to be available for longer hours but as we know that involves overheads of staffing plus heat and light

Perhaps in the short term the council could at the very least re jig the web site


Some pricing information for example might be handy, and how about links and mention of the groups that use the pool that people might be interested in joining

I'd also forgotten that it is leisure staff who provide the cover on the Central beach so potentially there is much more than the swimming pool that will be lost here - Fitness Suite, Steam room, Outdoor leisure park (Easter – September) – including putting

Would it be too much trouble for the council to put out suggestion boxes for the Leisure complex both at the pool and perhaps at the Library. I'm sure if there needs to be a better more profitable business model Nairnites might have helpful suggestions

Like it or not we're all going to be affected by the council cuts so lets try and have a positive attitude