Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stuck in Nairn traffic yesterday and still gurning

This in from a disgruntled Gurnite motorist:

A taste of things to come?

Could disruption spill onto the A96 once work, lights, action hit the High Street in a few days time? Work yesterday on the A96 saw traffic tailing back either side of the roadworks with motorists heading West frustrated by the oncoming traffic becoming stuck in the one lane system when the lights went to red at the A96/Leopold St junction. This work has been ongoing for several days now with no obvious end in sight, lets hope it's soon

UPDATE 22.18: We hear from Scottish Water that the hole in the road is their responsibility a spokesman told the Gurn:

'The traffic lights on the A96 at Seabank Rd are for emergency repairs to a collapsed manhole. It's a very deep brick walled chamber that has started to give way so we can't delay the work. We expect the repairs to take days rather than weeks.
Just our luck this happens so close to the start of Return of Streetscape.

Many thanks to motorists for their patience.'


nairnlass said...

walked passed it this afternoon. its a huge crater. no sign of it being filled in any time soon!!

growtosow said...

aye them moles get everywhere now. this seems too be a big one and not got a trap big enough for it.

Anonymous said...

I used the rat-run of Tradespark road to altonburn road, getting out onto marine road to avoid all the traffic.

Anonymous said...

"I used the rat-run of Tradespark road to altonburn road, getting out onto marine road to avoid all the traffic'

The Gurn will have the mighty west community council after them for publishing the rat run details

Does make you wonder as to how some of our roads will cope if much more traffic uses them

Load o said...

Hope the crater does not erupt & cause dust in the atmosphere you all know what happened last time folks,or as growtosow makes a good point it could be a GIANT MOLE hope not as they always leave
a large pile of S---E behind them
there is enough of the brown stuff
on the go at the moment with the forthcoming election brewing