Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nairn Swimming Pool – has it been badly managed?

Continued from 'What an agenda - what a night! ' - a report on last night's Nairn Ward Forum meeting.

Sandy replied to the suggestion that Nairn wasn’t getting its far share of the budget with the assertion that Nairn had got a new Community Centre, a new Police Station and three million pounds had been spent on the Academy. Sandy thought that Nairn had had its share.

Liz, chairing the meeting then continued. She said that the consultation document was ‘appalling’ because it was based on the criteria of travel to other pools - just on that basis alone it should be thrown out. She was worried that there had been a lot of scaremongering caused by the consultation process. She mentioned also the 66k to be spent on retiling. This prompted an intervention from the public benches whereby concept of retiling was questioned. It was suggested that pools down south were all sprayed, a cheaper option it seems, cheaper and easier.

Liz retorted that she was just trying to get across that the council is investing in the pool so why are they at the same time consulting about closing it.

Louise Harrison of the Nairn District Swimming Club then spoke, she said:

‘I would just like to point out that part of the reason that the pool looks like it is losing a lot of money is that it is being run very ineffectively over the last few years. Tomorrow, hopefully, all the Councillors and Mr Dodds and Dr Alston will receive a letter from the swimming club with a number of issues about the swimming pool and how it has hindered our development with not being able to access the pools for the amount of time that we require to access it. I think if you looked at our letter tomorrow you will realise that the pool could be run for the community very well in the future.’

Louise’s statement was followed by applause. Sandy began his reply as soon as the applause died down. ‘Thanks for that, that’s exactly what we’re wanting, that’s what the consultation is all about.’ He explained that he’d picked up on this issue on Sunday morning and that he had a meeting at 8.00 in the morning to look at the matter of the tiles to see if there was a cheaper way it could be down. ‘I take on board what you said,’ he continued, ‘thank you for that it is very important.’

The discussion continued, more later…


Anonymous said...

Yes i must agree very bad managment at the local pool,if only the people in power would listen to the staff at the center they would have a better undersatnding as to why this is falling short of the mark.

Last night a new fun session was introduced to the pool E-Mails sent out to the local schools the respons last night to the new equipment was overwhelming.

Sadly the staff had to refuse entry to the pool to about thirty to forty children as they had reached there maximum load for the pool of seventy five people.
this goes to show small changes can reap rewards.

Night on the tiles said...

I would like to add to the consultation, as Sandy says 'thats what it's all about'

In view of the impending crisis of funding that faces Highland Council could I suggest a new process of lining senior management pockets?

Rather than constantly apply thick wads of notes to their pockets could we not just spray in some loose change? I've heard that this works very well in other areas and that folk quickly learn to count their pennies

I assume that senior staff at Highland Council will be taking full responsibility for this sorry financial mess, so may I suggest (again as part of the consultation process) that they voluntarily take substantial cuts in salary? Perhaps if they fail to do that we could look at employing contract staff to carry out their jobs?

Anonymous said...

So, how many other local authority services could make improvements and savings on the basis of listening to their staff?

Anonymous said...

Qoute - Liz, chairing the meeting then continued. She said that the consultation document was ‘appalling’ because it was based on the criteria of travel to other pools - just on that basis alone it should be thrown out.

"I was under the impression that Highland Council were comitted to cutting carbon emissions" - clearly the potential to force people to travel to other pools is acceaptable to them !! - Hypocrits

Anonymous said...

Aye and make sure you smoke a fag or two on the way to the Aquadome to help the council pension fund!