Monday, April 05, 2010

Monday Night Press Review

I think all Gurnites will easily guess the front page story in the Nairnshire this week. Leopold Street’s finest have been talking to the man behind the ‘Save the Swimming Pool’ petition, Colin Mayberry. They’ve also been talking to our local Highland Councillors and I think that this observer will not be alone in being shocked by the less than 100% unequivocal support for the pool from one of them. Which one? You’ll have to head to a Newsagent’s or a Co-op near you in the morning with the customary 40p in your pocket to find out. It’s ironic too that in this edition there is a picture of the Scottish Synchro swimmer of the year on Page 11, where would the Nairn Synchro swimming team go if our pool was to be closed?
The Editorial too examines the awful situation facing Nairn Swimming Pool and many are sure to agree with Iain Bain’s take on the situation. On Page three there’s more about the short and long-term future of the Nairn Tourist Information Centre. Could something completely different be on the cards for the future? Lots of pictures from the Disability Awareness day on Page 4. News from Ardersier and Cawdor on Page 6 plus a picture of pupils of Rosebank P2. More interesting pictures on the central pages too plus details of how the West Community Council voted on bilingual signs for core paths around Nairn. The usual comprehensive range of sports reports rounds off this week’s edition including a blow by blow account of Keith’s three goals to Nairn’s one at Station Park on Saturday.
The Nairnshire Telegraph awaits you, enjoy

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nairnbairn said...

So there is the Nairnie's front page lead story - all about the threat to close the Nairn swimming pool.

And there on the sports pages, a picture of the Scottish Synchro Swimmer of the Year - the country's national champion - and she is from Nairn. So was last year's winner.

As Private Eye might say, "I wonder if there might possibly be any connection".

Or as counsel for the defence might say.. "I rest my case, m'lud".