Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Community politics in Nairn: a whole new ball game thanks to Fiona?

Has Millbank Primary pupil Fiona Cameron changed politics in Nairn forever? After seeing the facebook group she created called ‘Save Nairn Swimming Pool!’ take off at an astonishingly rapid rate one wonders if the way we mull over contentious issues in Nairnshire will ever be the same. Today as a result of a message posted by Fiona protesters had a chance to debate the swimming pool issue with their local MP and although folk were generally pleased by what Danny Alexander had to say he certainly didn’t have a completely easy ride of the affair. Provost Liz MacDonald and another Councillor from outwith the area, Dave Fellows have also posted their messages of support on the group along with the SNP parliamentary candidate John Finnie. One wonders if our other three Councillors can afford not to take out a facebook account if they don’t already possess one and give their views on the subject. We can be sure that Highland Council’s Swimming Pool Closure policy will not be the last debate that will receive a forensic examination on Facebook.

Yes there’s been campaigns such as the MacLean Court issue which have had an internet dimension but the sheer scale and speed which support gathered behind Fiona’s initiative was breathtaking. It is still growing this evening as this post is uploaded onto the Gurn. Campaigners can’t by any means afford to take their foot off the pedal yet but thanks to Fiona things have got off to a lightening start.

You can read the latest messages by accessing Fiona’s facebook group here, click on the “+ fans” tab to see all the latest posts.

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Colin said...

Yes a big well done and thanks to Fiona Cameron helping to rase the profile of the Campaign, maybe the council should engage more with the young in our Towns and listen to there Veiws.

The fight must go on.
Also a big thanks to all who attended Yesterday to show support for the local pool remeber we all have a voice we must use this to let the council know that we will not lie down.
We can only hope that Danny was not just paying lip service to the crowd