Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Morning Press Review

The Nairnshire has details of a proposal that, if it is incorporated into the Highland Wide Development Plan, would double the size of Croy. The Nairnshire has reaction from many concerned parties. There’s a a couple of snippets of Ardersier news on page 2 plus the usual ‘Cop this’ and news of a new report on Nairn Academy.

Page 3 is back to Streetscape issues and there’s also an article about the dangers to pedestrians on the brae. Swimming Pool issues dominate page 4, your chance to get up to date on this controversy. One way you can help is by signing an individual letter of protest to the Highland Council, copies of the letter are available in Atmosphere on the High Street.

This week’s editorial concentrates on the recent television debate by the leaders of the three main political parties. Letters are thin on the ground this week but there is a plea for Nairnites to pay attention to the ongoing consultation process re the future of Nairn’s Community Councils.

There's lots more in this week's edition to keep you entertained. From the advertisements it appears that the Car Boot season is with us again with news of forthcoming sales at Millbank Primary, Nairn Academy and Cawdor Primary. Once again a mere 40p investment keeps you up to date with all the local news and events.

PS Nairn Academy Report also available on line.

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