Monday, April 12, 2010

Nairn Swimming Pool - Iain Bain criticises Danny Alexander!

Monday Night Local Press review
The front page of the local paper may be detailing the forthcoming 24 week closure of the High Street as a million pounds gets spent on a makeover but most readers will be delving much deeper for swimming pool news as soon as they part with their 40p for this week's edition.
There's a picture of Kieran Smart who collected over a hundred signatures on petition letters last week in the Lochloy/Merryton area. And so to Iain Bain's editorial. He begins with a preamble about the general election and makes reference to the Scottish Dimension before coming to the heart of the election so far in Nairn - the swimming pool issue. We reproduce one sentence concerning the incumbent here: 'He praises the democratic process initiated by his Lib Dem colleague at Highland Council but nowhere in his remarks does he express a desire to fight for the pool's retention.'
You'll have to wait until you read the local paper for the rest but the Gurn agrees with Iain Bain, more is needed from the Lib Dem candidate, much more! Let's just go back and reflect on what Danny's Lib Dem colleague Cllr Graham Marsden who was quoted in last week's paper:
'If we can't find alternatives to keep the pool open, of course, I will have little choice but to support the closure; however, let's hope that we can work hard together to stop that being necessary.'
Will the Lib Dems fight for the pool? Will Labour? What do the Green, Tory and other candidates have to say about Nairn Swimming Pool? We already know the SNP support the campaign to save the pool.
Letters too on the subject from Lorna Brown and Graham Vine.
Anti-social behaviour in Ardersier, Nairn Golf Club's records, rare bats feature in this edition along with the usual comprehensive sports report. Yours again for only 40p. Who'd miss it!

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Sandy Beach said...

A lot has changed in the economic climate in the few months since the latest street scape was agreed.

I know funds cannot be chopped and changed but I would imagine both tourists and Nairnites alike would be more appreciative of the monies being spent to repair the pot holes on our roads rather than uproot our town centre

And there are gurns in even before the first stone has been laid