Thursday, April 29, 2010

'Council to spend £70,000 on repairs to pool it may close' - P&J

See this post for information from last night's ward forum meeting (more soon) concerning the Pool. Here's a snippet from today's P&J however:

'Nairn Provost, SNP councillor Liz MacDonald, who is currently responding to scores of letters from worried constituents, said: “I can’t see Nairn pool closing, to be quite frank. Do you not think it’s a bit of a red herring on the part of the administration?

“They’re putting out this consultation on the budget, and I think they’re wanting to get people stirred up about it. It’s very emotive. I think that they’re manipulating the whole situation to be honest.” She added: “They should definitely spend this on the pool because it’s needed in Nairn.”

Who knows Liz, do Highland Councillors even really know what's going on here? Are we now in a period of consultation chaos? More information from last night's meeting soon, in the meantime here's the P&J article: Money already set aside in budget for necessary work on tiling at Nairn leisure facility


E.Maree said...

Hi Graisg - the P&J link here doesn't work.

It should be:

Graisg said...

Thanks E.Maree, now sorted :-)