Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mike Robb (Labour Candidate) blogs again

Mike Robb has mentioned Nairn Swimming Pool again. The Highland Council cuts consultation comes in for criticism again. Here's an extract from his latest blog:

'...Highland Council’s consultation on proposed areas for budget cuts is a big issue. I’ve already made clear my support for the Swimming Pool in Nairn and the six community centres in Inverness threatened with closure. We should not be pitching one community against another in this way. These are exactly the kind of front-line services we should be protecting.The cost-savings would be small compared to the damage to local communities. I’ll be fighting to save them.'

Mike Robb's blog can be found here

Mike has the same problem as Danny Alexander, his party is part of the administration at Highland Council thus they must share the responsibility for the anger that the consultation process is causing.

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