Friday, April 23, 2010

Not much Nairn related news today - but a 'special battleground'

The Press and Journal has a few details about the candidates in the election and details of life in the constituency but there isn't much material out there to link to this morning.
'The geography of this constituency, with the bustling city of Inverness set in the stunning, wild beauty of the Highlands, makes this a special battleground.'
Here both this observer and Mrs Gurnmeister fell asleep watching the political debate last night, I lasted 45 minutes and Mrs G a little longer. I woke up to hear Sky news proclaiming that it was Dave and Nick wot won it. Perhaps the most interesting thing to emerge from the whole process was the following snippet from a contributor to Guido Fawke's blog:
'Senders73: Charlie Whelan seen chatting to Lib Dem MP Danny Alexander in spin room - I guess they are on the same side these days... '
Danny was obviously down in Bristol then. It's said that Charlie Whelan lives in this area too so perhaps the pair of them were discussing the merits of Nairn beach? I wonder if Danny will get back easily considering the latest disruption to flights? Up the High Street a couple of UKIP posters have added to the excitement by joining the numerous Tory and LibDem offerings dominating the town.

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