Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Red legged partridge in Nairn!

This video has been forwarded to the Gurn by Peter McIntosh. His wife filmed the clip. He would be interested to know if anyone else in Nairn spotted any more of these birds.
Peter believes some were released in Southern Scotland but has no idea  what this bird doing up here. Peter lives close to the Newton Woods. He says that  the clip is a bit grainy on youtube, for some reason, which is a shame as his colouring is quite striking.


jayteescot1 said...

Well done for filming such a bonnie bird. Lets hope it's got a mate and is nesting locally.

Anything for a Lark said...

The Red Legged Partidge gets its name because its easily embarrassed as we humans get a red
face it the opposite for the bird its the legs that blush olso its known to frequent beetroot patches in gardens & stamps its feet on the vegetable, a little known fact is all this species of bird are keen Aberdeen Fc supporters

Anonymous said...

We won't go into the habits of the related Yellow Legged Partridge other than to say they are keen Nairn County Supports

Not many seen in these parts

Bird Brain said...

For Gods sake dont mention The Buckie Buzzards ,Huntly Harriers,
Cove Canarys, Keith Kestrels,
Brora Budgies, Wick Woodpeckers,
Clach Cockatoos, plus a few Tits.

3 Parrots in a cage, one on the floor the other on the middle rung, plus one on the top rung.
which Parrot owned the cage???

The bird on the floor
the others were on higher perches