Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Highland Council - Like an obese person preparing to cut off fingers and toes?

An interesting analogy surfaced during debate at the West Community Council meeting last night. (The Westerners had a wee debate that was a preamble to their next meeting that will focus on their area's response to the Budget Cuts proposed by Highland Council). Basically Highland Council was compared to an obese individual that, rather than go through the disciplines of learning how to slim properly, was preparing to cut off fingers and toes (i.e. swimming pools and community centres) rather than tackle its fat belly or big backside.  An interesting comparison and one that will find support elsewhere around the town and beyond as criticism of the consultation process grows in the Highlands.

West Community Council also expressed their support for River colleagues over the dangerous 'crossing' on the brae and are to seek to work with both the River and Suburban Councils to look at the many traffic problems in the town. Support was also expressed for the campaign to save Nairn Swimming Pool. Rosemary Young reported that her phone had been red hot with angry callers complaining about the proposed closure. Jim Ferguson thought at first that it had been an April Fools joke. Councillors also expressed concern about the future of Nairn Library and the museum. 

The next West meeting will be on the 18th of May at 19.30 in Nairn Community Centre and will discuss both licensing consultation and the Budget Cuts consultation. 


Weight watcher said...

An interesting analogy indeed taking that some members of the West CC throw what I can only describe as large shadows

I must remember to count their fingers and toes next time I meet them!

Anonymous said...

I actually think that this analogy is rather like the HC proposed cuts - very un-sympathetic and not very thought out.

Thank goodness it's only a talking shop...!

Anonymous said...

No, not a good analogy. Very unsympathetic to those of us who cope with society's body fascism on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

It would appear that the Highland Council ate all the pies!