Friday, April 30, 2010

Inverness Community Centres now safe from cuts so why not Nairn Swimming Pool?

At the Ward Forum meeting on Tuesday night there were no assurances that Nairn Swimming Pool would be saved. We were told that the Consultation process would go on. No such difficulties for an Inverness Councillor though - he is telling the world that the Inverness Community Centres are safe - Surely Sandy Park if he is the leader of the Adminstration could secure such a statement for Nairn Swimming Pool? We were told we wouldn't know the result of the consultation until Februrary - looks like you can bypass the process if you have the political clout at Highland Council.
Here's what the Press and Journal reports today:
'Highland Council had considered shutting down up to four of the centres to save £133,000 a year on staff and running costs.
Those in the frame had been the Spectrum Centre, Merkinch Centre, James Cameron Centre, Hilton community centre, Raigmore community centre and the Cameron Club youth centre.
Speaking after lobbying colleagues at separate meetings of the Independents and ruling administration yesterday, Inverness Central councillor Peter Corbett said he had been delighted with the backing of other councillors to exclude the facilities from any hit-list as part of a continuing public consultation on budget possibilities.'
Interesting isn't it? Come on Sandy, you are the gaffer. Your turn now, an assurance that Nairn Swimming Pool is safe please!
More from Tuesday's ward forum meeting later.
And a May Day march against the cuts is taking place in Inverness tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

All too many consultations are 'done deals' before they ever take place, and are just a device to make the public feel involved

From the few leaks that we have seen, mainly from Highland Council employees this so called consultation is no different in that respect

Nairn leisure centre may or may not stay open, but I have a feeling that there are some people at the council who know the outcome already, and public opinion is unlikely to keep it open if the decision to close it has already been made

Sandy Park has already listed the 'new' items that Nairn now has, I expect this list will be rolled out many times to justify the cuts that are coming our way

All that remains to be seen is just how big the axe is going to be

Mal Function said...

So the Highland Council runs and funds these SIX community centres in Inverness.... and has apparently now decided to continue doing so. Why didn't the Council oblige them to go down the same route as the new Nairn Community Centre - which is not owned and run by the Council but is an independent body run by its own Board of Directors and so has to manage its own staffing and funding.

Another example of how Inverness seems to benefit rather more than the rest of the region from Highland Council generosity with public funds. All the more reason for Nairn to look to the Highland Council to sustain those local facilities - like the Swimming Pool - for which it is still responsible.

Anonymous said...

That's way it's not Highland Council, but "Inverness Council". I have no faith in any of the current format of council for the region. Since it seems what Inverness wants it gets.

Jane Harkiss said...

Down but not out, baby. The force is with us. I would like to know how big the axe is too.... heh heh