Friday, April 09, 2010

Swimming Pool Protest - sending an individual letter to the Council!

Image of letter only - see below for Word doc download

Loreine of the NCRG and a regular swimmer has forwarded a copy of a letter to send to the council. If you want to sign one print it off and once completed hand it in to Murdo at Atmosphere in the High Street, Loreine will collect them from there and they will be handed in to the council together. Loreine told the Gurn:
' In order to make Highland Council aware of the strength of feeling of the residents of Nairn, I have prepared the attached letter. It's A5 in size - 2 to each A4 sheet, therefore, if everyone prints out say 20 there will be 40 letters.'
Loreine is right, a petition is a useful device but there can be no ambiguity with letters and they are a useful top-up method to add to the protest. You can download a copy of the letter here.


Logic said...

As Highland Council are suggesting that they will have to close certain pools wouldn't it be a greater protest if all HC pools joined together in one large NO!

It would certainly knock the divisive divide and rule notion of the council on the head, and would unite communities together.

This would be very important if we wish to have any council run services outside of Inverness, as at the moment it would seem that the council is suggesting that just about all cuts in services are outwith the great city.

No doubt there would be a huge protest if people had to travel to Nairn for services from Inverness but that is what is being suggested to Nairnites and indeed many other towns

My specs are not rose tinted enough to suggest that there will not be cuts, but from the beginning lets have a dialogue to make sure that their impact is as fair as possible for everyone in the Highlands

Graisg said...

All that would need would be someone with a bit of time and energy to start up a 'No Pool closures in Highland' facebook group :-)_

Anonymous said...

Logic makes a good point, but presenting a united front is not easy.