Thursday, April 01, 2010

LIb-Dem Highland Council leader defends high Salaries at Glenurquart Road

The representitive of the the Lib-Dem part of the ruling administration has defended the high salaries paid at Glenurquhart Road. His quote can be read in the following extract from the Press and Journal:

' The six-figure salaries of Scottish council bosses came under renewed scrutiny last night after a UK-wide survey showed pay packages at the top of local government soared by 14% last year.
The figures for 2008-2009 – the latest available on a nation-wide basis – put Highland Council chief executive Alistair Dodds on total remuneration of £138,346, up 7.3% on the previous year.
His earnings have since risen to over £140,000 – with seven departmental directors at the council also earning more than £100,000.
His pay and that of top aides was strongly defended by council leader Dr Michael Foxley, who said: “He and his colleagues are value for money. They work extremely hard and receive less than others in the public and private sector in comparable jobs.” '

Read the full article here.


Jane Harkiss said...

I know this is important stuff - like REALLY important, but doesn't it somehow just do you head in so much you want to SQUEAL? Or is it just me? Probably.

Anonymous said...

Ok - he may have been advised by "senior officials" what good value for money they are - but from a member of the public's point of view - I'd rather go for the lowest tender and get someone cheaper..!

let's face it thats all we get from them ain't it - "the cheapest option"