Thursday, April 01, 2010

Loch Ness sea planes terminal row

Another controversial project has reared its ugly head:
'PLANS for a huge floating terminal which could rival Tyneside's famous "Angel of the North" have surfaced on Loch Ness to bring in well-heeled tourists from around the world by seaplane.
But the controversial idea could be scuppered by a determined campaign by the green lobby, which is even enlisting the protection of Nessie to its cause.

A new and ambitious plan by a consortium of Highland businessmen will be submitted today (Thursday) to Highland Council's planning department which the developers say will complement two new harbours planned on the loch at the Clansman Hotel and further south towards Drumnadrochit.'
More on the Highland News site.


Anonymous said...

Rolf Lapio !!!! and today is???

Jim said...

Hey, don't knock the idea. Seaplanes landing on Loch Ness? Brilliant, but there's a shortage of suitable aircraft. Pity - Drum could do with something to wake the place up!

Jane Harkiss said...

Praise the Lord & pass the Ammunition! PS Any nice looking geezers aboard?