Saturday, April 03, 2010

'A Royal Burgh Community Council for Nairn' - now you can have your say!

The second stage of the Community Council review has been launched. The Highland Council website states:

"21 proposed boundary amendments emerged from the first phase of consultation. A further 14 proposals were received and recommended for further discussion locally during phase two of the consultation process.'

One of those proposals up for debate is for a Single Council for Nairn. Two of three Councils, Suburban and West, want to see a single Council, the remaining Council didn't so there has to be further debate. Nairn needs to speak with a single voice, it is time to get involved to assure that that can happen in the future. You can have your say by the following means:

'There are a variety of mechanisms through which to respond including post, email and via a discussion forum on the Council’s website. Discussions will also be held at some Ward Forums and area community council forums, which will be publicised locally. Copies of the consultation will be available from Service Points and libraries.'

Here's the councils online forum. Registration only takes a couple of minutes and then you can add your views. There is already some comment about Nairn's situation :-)

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