Friday, February 06, 2009

AyeRight goes for a blonde

Figures from the High Street continue to point to a downturn with more of us adopting home hairdressing.  Supermarkets report an increase of sales of hair dye, with blonde being our favourite colour; apparently some folk think the colour will cheer them up. 
In the interests of journalistic research AyeRight was thinking of purchasing a bottle of blonde to try on his receding locks, but the Gurn fashion editor managed to dissuade him suggesting that his look was challenging enough already (Ed - for challenging read bad!)
Apart from shunning the hairdresser the coffee shop is also getting a swerve with supermarkets seeing an increased sale of instant coffee. It seems we are in the midst of a new DIY boom, whatever next?


dr-grigor said...

Great Gurns think alike! indeed the doc has been chewing over the idea of some subtle tones to blend in with the grey's and almost went for it but, had second thoughts thinking a diy job would be a disaster. i was thinking of using "Danny alexander yellow" as a colour if i do finaly get the courage to open the bottle !

Nairn said...

Well Doc if you wanted some political choice in your colouring how about a Jim Ferguson blue? (Our Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate)
Lots of older women seem to find this a very attractive shade against the grey

Anonymous said...

I normally like a Green tint but the flavour went sour for a lot of drinkers when the brand starting making all the wrong sort of marketing moves. A lot of its former advocates think it will never get back to where it was before.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gurn fashion editor,

I read with interest AyeRights article with regard hair colourant, and wonder if I could draw upon your fashion expertise?
Currently I have a sweepie hairstyle in an effort to hide my extensive balding, but my pals reckon my hair would look more trendy if I swept it back into a ponytail.
I was also wondering if some blonde tints would make me look more interesting?
I look forward to your suggestions



dr-grigor said...

Sweepie thought you would appreciate this you tube video is this the problem you have ?

Nairn said...


I tried the ponytail but it didn't suit, looked OK from the front but a full moon baldie spot from behind.
I have ordered one of these though
I think I will look great, maybe you could get one too?