Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Technical difficulties at the Post Office scupper the Gurnmeister

The Gurnmeister worked all morning to finish an important project which he was in a hurry to post. So just after 1600 he made his way up to the remaining post office delighted that soon everything would be on its way to its destination. But a sign on the door said - 'Sorry shut at 3pm today due to technical difficulties.' Has the Post Office gone bust? I mean enough people are claiming Britain's bankrupt.
Will try again tomorrow at 0900.


Anonymous said...

It's very simple the whole computer system that a modern Post Office needs was being upgraded. The Sunrise system takes over 1 hour to get going in a morning. Without this system nothing can be done.

Graisg said...

Thanks it's fantastic to have one's curiosity satisfied so quickly.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they had just run out of 'lick' for the stamps which is now a 'technical difficulty'?

Sounds like they should rename the computer system to sunset!

Anonymous said...

There is a very friendly Post Office in the Co-op at Tradespark Nairn and no queues.A E M