Monday, February 09, 2009

AyeRight with more food for cuts - sorry thought

'No one likes paying taxes but is Highland Council wise in voting to freeze Council Tax this year , the recession has seen income to the council fall so surely it needs more money not less? The council is deleting 110 posts but is this enough?
Due to the economic climate many folk in the Highlands have lost their jobs, or maybe will this year making it more difficult for them to meet even existing council tax payments.
We have to ask what level of service we want from the council and as taxpayers do we welcome the proposed freeze or would we be prepared to pay more?'
Don't know if you'll get many votes with that one AyeRight but don't the Scottish Government have some say in this 'no rise' business? Another interesting opinon from a well placed HC source tells us of proposed cuts in the winter maintenance. Will freezing dangerous pavements become the default position?
'Budget cut (or as they like to put it 'savings measure') cutting winter maintenance in 2009/10 by £348K and 2010/11 by £116K.
There is no way services can be improved and will very likely suffer severely due to these massive cuts in essential front line services.'
The future is bleak if you like to go past your garden gate in winter.

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