Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Independent/Liberal Democrat/Labour on Highland council set to privatise the jannies and cleaners

Big shots to go unscathed one should imagine?
'The Press and Journal has learned that the Independent/Liberal Democrat/Labour administration is considering a move to hive off cleaning and janitorial duties to private operators, believing it could save the 2010-11 education budget about £100,000.'
Just another horror story brought to you by our wonderful three convenors, the full story over on the P&J, thankfully there is one councillor suggesting an alternative


Anonymous said...

If private operators can make a profit running the same services, it tells me the HC is not capable of running the service as a business in the first place. In which case, get some business consultants in to make business decisions to save on money, instead of farming it out.

Perhaps we should just privatise the HC instead... ;)

- Brian

Graisg said...

Obviously the same(or perhaps a better)ratio of savings could be made if the management was privatised?
How about an experiment, privatise all the management jobs and keep the jannies and cleaners for another year at least and see how it pans out?

Anonymous said...

Bring back Thatcher