Saturday, February 14, 2009

Provost Liz with something for the record

Liz wrote what follows as a response to the Fishertoonloon piece but given the topical nature of the subject it really should be an article too.

'Putting the record straight - when the proposal to close McLean Court became definate last Friday I spoke to the Convenor Sandy Park half a dozen times between then and it coming to Highland Council and it is with Sandy's help and intervention that the decision to close was deferred.I will continue to try and make a reasoned case and justification to retain the day care, which I believe is an essential life line for the clients as well providing as respite for their carers. The bottom line in the paper is that it states 'Services to 12 people who have low levels of assessed need would cease' One client asked me 'I hope we wouldn't have to travel out of Nairn, where would they take us to instead?' The sad fact is there is nowhere else! '
Gurnites get involved: go to the MacLean Court campaign tool kit page.


Nairn said...

Putting the record straighter!
Liz, firstly the communities heartfelt thanks for your work thus far in attempting to overthrow the decision to close MacLean Court.
Might I just clarify your statement? Are you saying that in his role as Convener, Sandy Park acted to delay the decision to close MacLean Court at your request, or that Sandy has decided to support the campaign to keep the day-centre open?

Anonymous said...

The problem about being the leader of an administration is that you are hampered by protocol about what you can and cannot say. There is no doubt that Sandy responded to Liz and her bulging pocket of 861 signatures and 21 letters, numerous e-mails etc.
Perhaps we should all cut him some slack on this issue, lobby him intensively and if it does go the wrong way on the 11th of March - then no holes barred, no mercy - all the way until the next elections?
Is there a seconder for the motion?

Anonymous said...

If indeed Sandy feels gagged by his position within the council with regard MacLean Court then that is a great pity.
Unless all councilors make their position clear over the matter then they will undoubtedly leave a large question mark for those of the electorate who are opposed to the closure.
The question has to be asked had there not been a very public opposition to the closure led by Liz our Provost, how many Nairn councilors would have been prepared to rubber stamp the closure, albeit reluctantly?

Provost Liz said...

I'm sure Sandy took on board my concerns and the public interest and unrest about McLean Court closure. As far as I'm aware to date I am the only Nairn Councillor openly supporting the retention of McLean Court day care service, but I would warmly welcome all the others to join the campaign.

dr-grigor said...

yes i agree prov, in the words of Delia smith "lets be having you "