Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Letter to the Gurn: MacLean Court protest

I am really surprised that there has not been a Cross Party collaberation of our Four elected Ward Members regarding this protest. This could have been an ideal opportunity for all Four - not just the Provost - to show Leadership, Commitment to the issues which affect Nairn, and an understanding of what is important to Nairn. Yet again, Nairnites have been given another example of a reluctance of Ward Members to engage with the community and support what the electorate are proposing for the good of Nairn.
Yours aye
Samantha Bacon


Graisg said...

Let's hope a lot is going on below the radar Samantha. I agree that it's a shame there hasn't been more cooperation up to now but there is still time.

Anonymous said...

A Gurn invitation to Sandy, Graham and Laurie
Please feel free to e-mail the Gurn with your thoughts on the MacLean Court issue, we'd be delighted to publish your views.

I've not seen any replies on the Gurn. Does their silence mean they don't support the campaign to keep MacLean Court open?