Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Narnia so far escapes snow (but England closed )

The Doc speculates on why this is:

I'm sure It is very rare indeed that our part of the country escapes when there is some snow on the go, this snow which made its way up from Russia, brought most of England and Wales to a standstill and affected some parts of Scotland. Is it possible that our snow Queen from Narnia winter festival is protecting her citizen's from the onslaught and saving our quota of snow for our light dusting of the fake variety on xmas light switch on night ?

Could be Doc, a little paganism goes a long way?


Nairn said...

I would keep very quiet about your theory if I was was you Doc, for there are a lot of young folk in Nairn eyeing up their southern contemporaries who are getting to play in the snow, and more importantly have days off school!
I'm sure any teachers that are effected are cursing their inability to be in the work place, and are envious of places like Nairn with its snow free streets

dr-grigor said...

without trying to sound too apocalyptic, In these days of advanced nuclear weaponry we are advised how to survive a nuclear blast, but our southern counterparts are having a hard time dealing with a wintery storm,
Baden Powel had the right idea "be prepared"

Nairn said...

Snow due at 21:00 tonight according to the Beeb weather Doc

I'll be down in the nuclear bunker awaiting the icy blast

dr-grigor said...

well iright they were not far off i write this at 19.30 and its snowing already !!