Friday, February 13, 2009

Nairn Spelding on MacLean Court campaign

Well done the Gurn, all gurnites and those who signed the petition. However it's important pressure is maintained and the council don't back-track in March. The comments (published in your blog today) made by the chair at Thursday's meeting however make interesting reading.
Indeed it suggests despite the high salaries these officials are paid they simply hadn't done their homework.
One wonders how many other budget cuts were approved by councillors last week based on incomplete, flawed or dare we suggest inaccurate information.
Nairn Spelding
Editor's note: not to be confused with Spelding

Yes, the campaign continues Nairn Spelding, Liz is setting up an official action group next week, meanwhile please keep gathering signatures everyone.
Gurnites get involved: go to the MacLean Court campaign toolkit page.

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