Friday, February 06, 2009

"A train Journey through film "

The Doc has put an idea forward to members of the cinema of dreams website, in there own particular countries of plans to make a short film, in what could be described as a worldwide effort. Here's the Doc's thoughts:
'The more i think about my wee idea of our train journey through film, the more it grows on me, I start of on a train in the highlands of scotland (just a quick 20 min journey) talk about films and film making in Scotland, edit it to around 5 minutes and then the next member in there country does a simular thing, jump on a quick train journey talk about film in there country including shots of outside the window and so on through europe,usa,China Australia and so on, yes it sounds a big project coz it is a worldwide effort, but if everyone is responsible for there own little piece of film and sends it on to me i could get it edited, you could use whatever media is avaiable to you, even cell phone clips would be acceptable if a camcorder is not avaiable, this by no means have to be in any way a professional affair ,Rough and ready just like the festival spirit ! why do you ask a train ? I think it makes the film have a theme to connect each piece together, and compliments a journey of film and a chance to see bits of that country through the window... you often find thats where you find the interesting sights of countrys is through a train window AM I MAD ? or could it be the next you tube sensation !!! or infact oscar worthy !!! '


Nairn said...

Sounds good Doc as long as you don't try getting a train through to Aberdeen as wrong sort of snow has often disrupted the service in recent days!
Your finished film would have to be shown at this cinema I think!

Graisg said...

Interesting comment iRight, a fellow Gurnite and mutual acquaintance reports arriving 45 minutes late into Aberdeen today and with ice on the inside of the windows.