Thursday, February 12, 2009

AyeRight, last of the great romantics

Usually AyeRight would had ordered a dozen red roses, had a bottle of the finest champagne ready to chill, and have booked a table for two at one of Nairn’s finest eateries.
A huge valentines card would have been hand written by some poor urchin dragged off the street so that AyeRight’s ardour would remain mysterious, and Post Office counter staff would have gasped at the expense of the 1st class postage.
Candle wicks were trimmed, and the dimmer switch checked and made ready for the mood lighting.
A selection of romantic tunes would have been culled from the slightly warping vinyl in the attic, and a reminder to get a new stylus would have been noted.
Sunday best was dusted down and the jacket and troos despatched for a good dry clean if deemed necessary (Usually after ‘that’ stain refused to be shifted with soap and water).
Those were the days but now deep in the economic depression AyeRight has decided to handle Valentine’s Day slightly differently this year.
So positive that the new Valentines gift will be well received AyeRight
is sharing it with you here
Another great freebie from the Gurn
We hope your loved one enjoys!
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