Friday, February 06, 2009

Gurnomonics – or, yes we have no milk today? A Coopnopoly beckons

A sign of things to come under the potential coopnopoly in Nairn? No milk on the shelves, too much snow this time but it could have been some other problem that stopped another vital foodstuff reaching Nairn. Somerfields still has its own supply but imagine if the Coop moves over the road and installs itself in that building or a new one that a passing extra terrestrial vessel might kindly beam down for us. Then with the Coop supplying Morning, Noon and Night and the Tradespark store too there would have been quite a shortage. Milk riots in Nairn?
The supreme irony of it all is that while the Coop shelves are bare of milk tonight there is enough milk up the road in the creamery to probably fill every bath in Nairn. And a workforce that from time to time has reason to worry about the future. Proof that supermarkets should be forced to source more goods locally? Let’s hope the future Sainsbury’s will be happy to have some supplies barrowed across the road. It is so silly that we don’t have more of a chance to buy the milk that is produced locally and thus help some of our friends’ and neighbours’ employment prospects. 
Nairn milk for Nairn shops?
Thanks to Nairn Spelding for the mmmm, yes heads up, is what they say these days. Nairn Spelding is not to be confused with Spelding. 


Anonymous said...

Snow joke

Have it on good authority that a tiny piece of snow on the A9 has thrown deliveries out of kilter

Normal service will resume when flakes melt

Need local coos

Anonymous said...

Shortage of asses milk has maybe caused the cow juice shortage? (Folk in high places needing to bathe!)

dr-grigor said...

perhaps folk should support our local shops e.g. harbour street stores, milk never a problem there (locally supplied) infact Mike has very competive prices with a range of his ware's and in certain lines can be cheaper than somerfield or co-op.. so as the shops motto goes "if we aint got it you dont need it !"