Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Did you go to or work at Millbank School

If so Nairn museum want to hear from you, they are working hard to make 2010, the centenary year of the school, a special year of celebrations. More information on the museum site.


dr-grigor said...

Ahhh Millbank memories,(circa Mr Souter the "Jannie" making the whole school pick up there own litter after break, he would form us in to one big line and a complete sweep of playground was done and was spotless after that(health and safety would have something to say now !)

waiting outside mr Stark and mr Bennets office wondering if they were gonna whip me back in to shape that day ! he he (health and safety would have something to say now !)

escaping class and heading of on milk duties pulling the trolly with the wee kiddie sized glass milk bottles (health and safety would have something to say now !)

Ah those were the days !!

Anonymous said...

Aye - talking about Health & Safety - do you remember the old millbank boys toilets at the back of the school - to the right of "the old bikeshed" now there was a risk..!

Also "thawing out the frozen milkbottles" at the radiator during the winter cold spells, the last thing we needed was fozen milk in the depths of winter..!