Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Danny Alexander MP responds to the Gurn and he might have a surprise for us in the not too distant future!

A first for the Gurn we think, unless Sandy Park has perhaps made the odd anon comment, but in response to a question from the Gurn a local politician promptly wrote a few lines thus making the first official entry from one of our elected representitives.
The Gurnmeister fired off an e-mail asking if there was anything he could tell us about his party's position re the Nairn by-pass. AyeRight has kindly put up Danny's recent e-newsletter in the comments in this thread. As you can see the Lib Dems are campaigning big time to get an Inverness by-pass and they have even set-up a facebook group for this purpose. So, worried that we weren't on the Lib Dem radar, the Gurnmeister tried to find out more. This is Danny's response:
'On the particular issue of the bypass for Nairn, I hope we might be able to surprise you in the not too distant future. The situation is more complicated since, as you know, the bypass for Nairn was contained in the recent Scottish Government transport projects review which was covers the period from 2012 until 2032. We need to get a clearer idea of what the timescale will be, and whether the Nairn by-pass and the dualling of the A96 will be pursued as an integrated project or separately - as they appear in the recent plan. I share concerns that have been raised with me that dualling the A96 without the by-pass could make both safety and congestion problems in central Nairn worse.'
Thanks for that Danny, we'd welcome more from yourself or any of our local politicians - isn't there an SNP mannie somewhere that is supposed to be after your job, perhaps he'd like to get in touch with the Gurn? Maybe Fergus too?


Nairn said...

I hope that Danny's surprise in the not too distant future will be a pleasant one for us all!
No many Nairnites feel that they have a say in very much these days, but surely if there was a choice it would be for the Nairn by-pass to be completed before the A96 dualling to Inverness.
However if we are to get so many new building developments completed between Nairn and Inverness in the next few years, it might well be that developers and planners push for dualling first, Nairn second
Nice to see Danny's input to the Gurn, maybe others of political persuasion will follow his example?

Bill said...

I received his email yesterday, too; from a letter I had back from him a couple of days ago it would seem he reads my blog occasionally, too. I'm afraid, however, that after glancing through the email briefly I consigned it to 'central filing'. The LibDems are very sound on civil liberties (and that is extremely pleasing), but most of their ideas on other subjects are either pie-in-the-sky or unrelievedly populist, for example the email touts once more the hoary old LibDem idea of piling more taxes on the entrepreneurially successful - the best way, in my view, to drive such people away (from Scotland and/or the UK) for good; there is nothing wrong with being successful and making profits - and contributing a fair share to the community through taxes, too, of course - but the whole tone of this LibDem idea is that the successful should be saddled with more taxes to support the feckless. As I said above, populist but ultimately self-defeating.

Anonymous said...

Taxing the rich Bill? That will never catch on