Thursday, February 05, 2009

Nairn's death of a thousand cuts set to continue?

'The Press and Journal understands, however, that at least one day care service – the Maclean Centre at Nairn – will close as part of the cutbacks.'
Nairn looks set to take another hit - they must consider us a soft target. Why not pay off half a dozen of the well paid managers off instead?
More on the plans of Highland Council here.


Anonymous said...

Must say the day care centre cuts at "Mclean Court" seems like a blow beneath the belt especially for the folks that benefit from it.

Still I do have sympathy for the folks who are also to lose their jobs - "they will not be the top paid guys thats for sure"

I am really angry at the four softest councillor's this town has ever had the misfortune to have ever had, what a bunch of yellow bellies, not even capable of putting up anything like a decent fight for anything sacred to the town.

I am sorry but I can't for the life of me give any credit to them for a single thing - there is a lot more to representing Nairn than just being elected. I for one will take more thought next time at local elections!

They really are a laughing stock - soon Nairn will have nothing left, have a look at Dingwall! at least they have a sizeable supermarket albeit Tesco, now they are going to have a whole new streetscape for their high st.

I tell you Nairn has never been a welcome neighbour of Inverness or what they consider to be the highlands, we certainly know how to Gurn in Nurn - I just wish we could fight as well and save our town whilst there is something to save.(the largest in the highlands after all)

I predict the closure of Nairn Swimming Pool next under the cuts faced by Education, culture & sport anyone willing to take a wager???


Graisg said...

There's serious gurning going on about the council etc on a couple of articles. You could get over there and pile it on too Fishertoonloon. It helps to Gurn - at least the powers that be can get a taste of it if they turn their pcs on come this way.