Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Campaign for a single Community Council gathers pace

John Hart has had a letter published in the Nairnshire in which he strongly backs the campaign for a single Community Council for Nairn. His argument is based mainly around planning issues. He urges us all to write to the Highland Council demanding that they review the current community council set-up in Nairn. He states:
'The Council is legally obliged to have regard to such representations from electors, and to review and revise the CC arrangements, if a minimum of 20 local electors "petition" them to make a change.'
Sounds like a very good idea John. For a full read of John's letter and other important material, including Iain Bain's radical solution for Council Tax Reform, raid the piggy-bank for 40p and get yourself to the Nearest newsagents.


growtosow said...

why not have one voice they might listen

Anonymous said...

Looks as though the pot is getting well stirred.