Friday, February 06, 2009

Highland council closure threats harming eldery members of our community!

Shame on you Sandy Park - You have the power to stop this - Will you act or stay silent?
'A blind 89-year-old widow is heartbroken that the day-centre which has become her social lifeline is being shut down as part of budget cuts by Highland Council.
Forres-born Mary Lewis, a former nurse, said yesterday that she and others using the McLean Court facility in Nairn’s Albert Street were shocked by the council’s decision.
She was intrigued to know how those making the decision would feel if their parents faced the same plight.'
More information on the Press and Journal site.
Gurnites, we must protect the vulnerable in our society. Kick out the well-paid suits not the elderly from their day-centre. This shocking closure will only save the council £35,000. Get rid of the three Convenors instead and how much would we save?
It is time to get involved citizens - enough is enough. Our community is under attack.


Spurtle said...

Another case of the Highland Council pinching pennies, while wasting pounds elsewhere.

All of these cuts to services in the Nairn area must surely leave even the most understanding resident of the town willing to sign up with the conspiracy theorists.

The chair of the Social work committee should have a good check behind her, as she seems to have mislaid her compassion.

It is absolutely shocking and my thoughts are with those that are being caused distress by such ill-considered decisions.

Anonymous said...

Let's save money in the Highland Council by reducing all councillors salaries and allowance by 10%. How much would that save? :)

A quick pointer - I've been warned before that in England at least, petitions to Downing Street count not by the number of signatories on a petition, but instead the number of petitions about the topic in the first place.

Does this mean that we should start additional petitions?

Also, where do the petitions go?

Just let me know about the details and I'll do Millbank School.

- Brian

Graisg said...

Will have to get them back to Liz Brian - more info later.

boots said...

I know it is a different budget, but as the planting new stone on the bray has been delayed anyway, how about we use some of that money to keep the day-centre open?
If Highland Council is so hard up it doesn’t take much to realise that keeping a day-centre open is much more important than a street makeover. I’m sure many Nairnites would support such a measure? How about it HC?

Anonymous said...

Hm, petition has gone offline?

- Brian

Anonymous said...

Yeah Brian,why not make it 50% and then get rid of the lot.(BIG SAVINGS!)

Graisg said...

Gurnmeister f*** up Brian, put a replacement back up.

jayteescot1 said...

Have just done as you suggested and emailed all our councillors.
Also an email to the Nairnshire, hopefully they will also take up the cause in Tuesdays edition.

It is not only vital for those needing care but also the respite for carers who already save the government a fortune !

It should'nt be too difficult to make some savings elsewhere, if the will is there !

Anonymous said...

People could use the money they spend on bread to feed the ducks

andy spark said...

what icy pavements

dr-grigor said...

well mr/mrs anon , a little dig at the doc there i notice, suggesting that maybe if i stop my daily feeding of the Duckies the money could be put to better use saving our local care centre. the doc would like to point out that infact if his daily fix of seagu....sorry, duck feeding came to an abrupt halt he to would be in need of that facility on a daily basis, so the doc reckons it would be best for all concerned if he infact just kept feeding the ducks on what little money it costs me and therefore if the care centre remains open i would not require a place and therefore leave that space for someone more deserving !

Anonymous said...

Cull the executives not the day centre!!!

Cynical Cyd said...

If they are going to close Maclean Court, are they going to offer alternative services?

According to the P&J article, Social Work Chairwoman Margaret Davidson says
"“We are looking to change the day-care provision and make efficiency savings.
“Everyone using the lunch club now will be offered an alternative.
“Folks will be matched into something that suits their level of need or, if that changes over time, they’ll be reassessed.
“We’re not leaving folk adrift, and everyone will be spoken to individually.”

Now what the hell does that mean?

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it that some locally based private 'care' company will be providing some sort of 'alternative' services. Does this mean that Highland Council will be outsourcing to make their efficiency savings?

Provost Liz said...

I'd like to thank the Gurn for helping organise the petition to save McLean Court day care service.

There is no similar alternative provision in Nairn at present, the attendee's are too frail for the lunch club and too able for the Manor (which cares for people with high dependancy needs).

McLean Court provides an excellent service valued by attenders, families and the people of Nairn and should be retained.

A proposed budget cut of £35K which enables this service is unacceptable and I shall be moving against it at the Highland Council meeting on 12th February.

Provost Liz
p.s. my first blog ever, because I feel so strongly about this issue

Anonymous said...

Looks like Nairn is getting active at last

- Brian

Anonymous said...

Where is this myth from that Nairn people are always apathetic and it's only new people who ever do anything? (See Brian comment, Looks like Nairn is getting active at last.) Purely by being new to the town they cannot possibly know everything which has gone on before their arrival, and this is not a dig at 'incomers', but I do wish they would stop trying to 'save' us from ourselves!

Anonymous said...

Well said!.Rise up all you real Nairnucs.

Anonymous said...

but I do wish they would stop trying to 'save' us from ourselves!

I too hate the arrogance and indeed ignorance of some people. They want to take Nairn and bash it into some sort of shape that fits their idea of what the town should be. I’m not saying they should be without a voice but at least show respect for Nairnites. We are not Highland f****wits in need of outside wisdom

Graisg said...

Going off topic Gurnites, keep it MacLean Court related on this thread please.