Monday, February 02, 2009

AyeRight looks to Amazon

With the lack of decent food outlets in Nairn Gurnites are always keen to hear of new possibilities
It seems that rather than wait for a new bricks and mortar solution to be built, Nairnites might be best served by getting themselves a good Internet connection, for Amazon UK has announced its intention to start selling food on-line

AyeRight has written before in the Gurn about the on-line services of both Asda and Tescos, now it seems we might have a third option.
Many supermarkets now sell many of the products that Amazon offers so maybe this makes perfect sense for the company.
The only question mark will be as to whether or not their food delivery service will come as far as Nairn?
Could solve the problem of having to build a Sainsbury's AyeRight, as long as the objectors agreed to give a computer to those Nairnites that don't have own one yet. Perhaps they will do fast-food deliveries too in the future although it might take a while for your fish and chips to get here from that big warehouse beside the M1 down in Northampton shire.

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