Sunday, February 15, 2009

If you wanted to replace Danny Alexander would you start blogging now?

The Mail on Sunday has an article entitled ‘Cameron and his web of power’, not our Bill but the Tory mannie down in London. It looks as though Cameron thinks he can go a long way to winning the next election by using the new media. ‘His team of advisers are examining how best they can tap into the internet revolution by using blogging sites such as Twitter and Facebook to win over the new generation of IT-savvy voters.’
Cameron has been stirred by the success of the Obama campaign. The Mail states that the President of the United States has an internet army of 3.1 million activists, which he uses to test opinion and perhaps more importantly to raise funds.’
It is a pity the article isn’t online but perhaps it will appear later in the week. Ok Obama has 3 million activists but what could you achieve in this parliamentary constituency if you had, say, 300 active internet followers who were willing to put in a bit of work both on the net and on the doorstep? Is it now possibly more profitable for candidates to have a blog than to be seen at coffee mornings?

Footnote: crazy, my spellchecker wanted to change Obama to Osama!
......Gurnites get involved: go to the MacLean Court campaign tool kit page.

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Anonymous said...

Well if Cameron has an army of supporters willing to change the likes of a Wikipedia entry as happened recently he will certainly use the web to help him win.

But who would trust him?