Monday, February 09, 2009

AyeRight on the Tescopoly

Much as the majority of Nairnites are crying out for an alternative Nairn based retail food outlet, would we really welcome a Tescos?
The web site
Tescopoly outlines the negatives of the company, but in reality is Tescos any better or worse than any of our major supermarkets?
Is this what Nairn really wants?
‘From a nation of shopkeepers to Clone Town Britain?
'The UK's biggest supermarkets are grappling for ever greater market share. Small independent stores and suppliers, and ultimately consumers, are paying a direct price in the face of unfair competition. In the five years to 2002, 50 specialist stores including butchers, bakers, fishmongers and newsagents closed every week. In May 2005 the IGD revealed the loss of 2,157 unaffiliated independent convenience retailers, compared to only 1,079 the year before.’'

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