Friday, February 27, 2009

Highland Council seeks help with its housing debt

'A delegation from Highland Council is meeting a senior Treasury official in Westminster about easing its housing debt, BBC Scotland has learned.
The local authority is spending £15m a year on loan charges to service its £146m housing debt.
It has said that if the UK Government "eased that burden" it could commit more money to improving housing stock.
Highland said it might even be able to resume council house building, adding that this would create new jobs.' More
on the BBC site. Thanks to Keekabout for the link.


Anonymous said...

If Highland Council were a "Buisness" they would be out the door a long time ago...!

Anonymous said...

Easy fix, Highland Council should just declare itself as a bank!

Anonymous said...

maybe they would not have such a huge debt if they stopped buying 27Million pounds worth of tabacco shares