Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nationalise the banks and privatise the Post Office!

The Gurnmeister turns to non-parochial affairs for a second or two.
Now the taxpayer is paying untold billions to keep a cluster of basket-case banks up and running, even paying out bonuses to the reckless people that got us into the mess we are now in. Meanwhile the government is telling the post office workers that they must allow the operation to be 'part' privatised, telling them that their pensions might no longer exist if they don't. Now compare the actions of the dysfunctional organisations called banks to those of the Post Office and ask yourself which institution you would like to preserve? Wouldn't it be easier to pay out all the depositors in the failed banks and offer them accounts at the Post Office rather than throw good money after bad. I'd sooner see the likes of the Nairn posties in a secure job than the likes of the total 'bankers' that have made such a mess.
Simple gurnonomics yes, but I'm sure there will be one or two Gurnites that agree?


Bill said...

Wouldn't it be easier to pay out all the depositors in the failed banks ...

There simply isn't the money to do that particular little bit of your plan, apart from printing the stuff - and thoroughly debasing the currency in the process (aka Zimbabwe); mind you, 'quantitative easing' is set to do some of that over coming years.

Nairn said...

There will ever be a bank that will work if all depositors demand to withdraw their cash.
I do however like the Post Office idea, and like you Graisg would rather support our posties than our bankers!
I believe a fundamental for a bank to work is that of trust, I wonder as to how many of those in our High Streets would gain that badge these days?